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A Marathon Effort! (Training underway)

A Marathon Effort! (Training underway)

*The above photo is a before and after from my 12 mile run yesterday (Saturday 31st January)*

By Kate Gumm

I've been working for Gua Africa since its creation in 2008 and full-time since I left university in 2009. Although fundraising hasn't been something that has come naturally to me it has become a major part of my job. Being the sole employee means that it comes down to me to raise the cash to ensure we can continue providing access to education for the young people of South Sudan.

So I've decided to put my body on the line to demonstrate just how passionate I am about education and the people of South Sudan! I've signed up to run the Brighton (UK) Marathon on Sunday April 12th 2015. I am running this for all the South Sudanese students that show determination, courage and strength everyday just to receive an education. The least I can do is run 26.2 miles around the town where I got my degree to help them achieve this!

Despite being very sporty when I was a kid be under no illusions this is a real challenge for me! I started training back in September and have got up to a distance of 12 miles just yesterday (see above photo). Running would be an overstatement, jogging a stretch, a slow trudge probably more accurate! But I did it and am now nearly up to half way to where I need to be come April.

I'll keep you up to date with my training over the next couple of months and let you know how I got on after the event. If you would like to show your support and sponsor my run please visit my JustGiving page (https://www.justgiving.com/Kate-Gumm/). Every penny will go directly towards Gua Africa's work in both South Sudan and Kenya. If you are a UK taxpayer we can also claim an extra 25p on every £1 you donate if you select the Gift Aid option.

Thank you for your support, I will need it to spur me on over the coming weeks!