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Work Attachment Report from Student Engineer

Work Attachment Report from Student Engineer

*The following blog was written by one of Gua Africa's student engineers, reporting on his current work attachment. Please note the comments below are entirely the opinions of the student and do not reflect Gua Africa's.*

Written by: Phillip

I am enjoying my work attachment because I am learning new skills every day. In the profession of Quantity Surveying, there is much to be learned in the field not just in the classroom. I have been attached to the firm Laurez & Associates last year and this year again.

The start was very challenging when I first came to practice, as they really throw you straight in. I needed to know how to arrange every aspect of the Bill of Quantities (BQs). Progress was slow but I was enthusiastic in learning. With time I became knowledgeable in the preparation of BQs and eventually I was delivering full BQs on to my bosses desk, completed 100% by me. I was very happy when he appreicated my first piece of practical work and encouraged me to do more.   

There are frequent visits to the site of the construction to assess the progress of the work, evaluate the work done and prepare valuations of payments to the contractor. In the field I interacted with many of the construction industries players; the clients, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Civil/Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Environmentalists and Contractors. This is the team which work closely to deliver anything from small buildings to the big skyscrapers you see in cities.

I am still working very hard to learn more in the field as I grow in the profession. Today I really appreicate my choice to become a Quantity Surveyor. Without my sponsors I wouldn't have reached this far. I want to say a big THANK YOU to them. They will always have my life long gratitude.

Thank you for reading my blog,