• Our funds renovated one primary school and built new classrooms at another

The Emma Academy Project

Educate a Child: Develop a Nation

Gua Africa has been shocked and saddened by the outbreak of violence and subsequent humanitarian crisis in South Sudan that began in December 2013. Despite these terrible events we remain fully committed to bringing education to the rural communities there. However we must be realistic. Construction of a major project such as the Emma Academy would be impossible in the current climate.

In this period of instability we have refocused our efforts to more short term emergency education. Please visit the Keeping Classrooms Open page for more information.

We were pleased to hear that despite widespread damage to the town of Leer the primary classrooms we constructed back in 2010 remain standing and in use. For more information about our work improving the primary facilities of Leer click on the orange button below.

Emma's Legacy

A short video giving the background story of Gua's Emma Academy Project.

Looking to the Future

Upon lasting peace and stability across South Sudan Gua Africa will return to our plans to construct the town of Leer’s first ever purpose built secondary school. The Emma Academy will be the first step in a larger plan to revolutionise education within South Sudan. Upon successful completion and opening of the Emma Academy we will move into our Community Schools project. This will see Gua Africa providing schools and libraries in the most rural parts of South Sudan with a distinct focus on conflict resolution education and also promoting sustainable livelihoods through income generation.