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Teachers to Kakuma

Teachers to Kakuma

Just 1% of humantarian aid was spent on education in 2014. The focus on more immediate relief such as food, shelter and health care may be understandable but when you learn that the average refugee spends over 10 years in a camp the importance of education becomes clear.

The recent conflict has resulted in thousands of young children fleeing to the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya. They deserve an education. It is with this in mind that we are sending 3 of our newly qualified teachers back to the camp where they spent many years in their childhood to teach.

Gua Africa can announce a new partnership with UNHCR which will see us provide accommodation and living expenses for these students during their first year of work at the camp's high schools. £7,000 ($10,500) will enable us to send the teachers to Kakuma and support them for the first six months of the school year.

These 3 teachers are qualified to degree level, which only 2% of all South Sudanese teachers are; so they will be ensuring the children receive a high quality education. With the uncertainty that comes with being a refugee, having the stability of a secure education can mean the world to these young children.

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