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This Time for Africa!

This Time for Africa!

The students at Christ the King Catholic School in Wallaceburg, Ontario have launched a fundraising campaign for Gua Africa they are naming "This Time for Africa". They became inspired from reading our founder Emmanuel Jal's book and having him come visit their school.

In their own words:

We are a group of Grade 7/8 students from Wallaceburg, Ontario that love to learn! We are a very energetic group of kids who are trying to be the best we can be...We believe we can be agents of change and we say YES to making a difference because..."Maybe doesn't take you anywhere" (Keita, Grade 8 student).

They have set up a website where you can keep up to date with their efforts and show your support. Check it out by clicking here.

The students will also be writing blog posts that we will be posting here on our site. They will be describing their fundraising experience and why they have been inspired to put their energy into fundraising for Gua Africa. Check back on our blog page to see their posts in the coming weeks.

Everyone at Gua Africa would like to thank both the students and staff at Christ the King for their amazing support of our work.