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Sponsor Ben

Sponsor Ben

"I Want A Day That I Can Just Live"

A short video exploring the development of Gua's Survivors of War Programme.

Ben was born in 1988 in South Sudan. He lived a peaceful pastoral life with his family until the Sudanese civil war reached their town in 2002. Ben was outside the town looking after the family’s cows when he began to hear gun fire. All of a sudden he saw a mass crowd fleeing the village in his direction. He got swept up in the chaos and followed the crowds away from his home.

The group headed south followed by fighting and both government and rebel soldiers as they went. After two weeks of walking and constantly asking where his parents were he was fortunate enough to meet an Uncle who quickly arranged for Ben to escape to Uganda. He knew that he was a prime target to be recruited as a child soldier if he remained close to the rebel army.

Eventually Ben made it to Uganda but soon decided to continue his journey onto northern Kenya where he could find relative safety and an education at the Kakuma refugee camp. That is where he remained until Gua Africa supported him to attend high school in 2011. Ben has since graduated high school and found out that both of his parents are alive. His father had gone back for him when the fighting reached their village and they had narrowly missed each other.

Ben has also completed a Diploma in Business and is currently studying for his degree in Business Commerce at Egerton University in Nairobi, Kenya. He dreams of graduating and becoming one of few degree qualified accountants in South Sudan.

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