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Sponsor Simon

Sponsor Simon

"I Want A Day That I Can Just Live"

A short video exploring the development of Gua's Survivors of War Programme.

Simon was born in 1990 in South Sudan in the midst of the long running civil war. As a small infant, he fled with his family to the neighbouring region but instead of finding refuge they found only more bloodshed. Simon’s three siblings all lost their lives, along with their father, leaving a young Simon alone with his mother far from home.

By 1998 Simon managed to make his way, along with many thousands of other young children, to Kakuma Refugee Camp in NW Kenya. There he attended primary school classes and eventually in 2006 he emerged as the third placed student amongst thousands in the camp. Assisted by Gua Africa, Simon was able to head for Nairobi where he attended a prestigious secondary school and eventually became Head Boy as he studied for his final examinations. A remarkable achievement given his difficult background

Interested in science and the environment, Simon hopes one day to secure a job back in South Sudan where he can help develop the country’s natural resources and look to support his remaining family. He has secured a place studying Geology at degree level in the University of Nairobi, but requires further funding in order to be able to complete his studies.

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