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Sponsor Stephen

Sponsor Stephen

"I Want A Day That I Can Just Live"

A short video exploring the development of Gua's Survivors of War Programme.

Stephen was born in 1991 in what is now the northern region of South Sudan. When he was 8 years old he became a child soldier fighting for the sourthern Sudanese rebel army. After surviving front line action for several years he eventually managed to escape with 17 other young boys.

The boys trekked on foot for 2 months without any food or water supplies, facing the possibility of death every day. Mercifully Stephen made it through Ethiopia to the Kenyan border town of Narus. He was among only a handful to survive the journey.

In Narus Stephen was rescued by a community elder who took the boys to the UNHCR office in Lokichoggio where they became registered as refugees and sent to the Kakuma refugee camp. In Kakuma Stephen was able to re-join primary school and graduate in 2007. Sadly he was unable to get any further than the first year of secondary school due to a lack of funds for the fees.

Stephen has been supported by Gua Africa since 2009. He has since graduated from high school and is now enrolled on a degree course in Criminology at Egerton University in Nairobi. He is due to graduate in 2017. Upon graduation Stephen wants to return to South Sudan and help develop an effective judicial system that routes out corruption and encourages effective government departments.

In order for him to achieve his dream and graduate Gua Africa is seeking £2,800 ($4,400) a year or £240 ($336) a month in sponsorship. 

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