Survivors of War Programme

Gua Africa supports a group of young people studying in Kenya and Uganda, who have all survived against unimaginable odds.

Some were forced to fight as child soldiers, some survived genocide; all trekked hundreds of miles as children to seek safety in UN refugee camps across East Africa. For some individual student’s stories click here.

The students all share a desire to receive the education previously denied to them by the war and unrest in their home country. Gua Africa links each student with sponsors from around the world who pay their academic fees and some additional living expenses. Many are now progressing into further education in order to give them a profession with which they can sustain themselves in the future. In addition, we provide continual pastoral support including helping to reunite them with their surviving family members.

A short video exploring the development of Gua's Survivors of War Programme.

Since the project began in 2008 a handful of students have now graduated the programme with qualifications in fields such as medicine, engineering, teaching and accountancy. For more information about our Teacher Training programme click on the orange button at the bottom of the page.

Of the many students currently studying, the majority are currently studying in Nairobi in fields such as law, medicine and business. Those who missed almost all of their high school education, are studying vocational subjects such as electronics and car mechanics.

This programme is producing amazing personal successes. However, paying for their tuition fees is only part of the story. Gua Africa needs your support to help pay for these students’ housing, food, clothing and other basic living expenses. Your contribution can literally be life-changing. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please click on the link below.