Survivors of War Programme

Since the project began in 2008 many of our students have now graduated the programme with qualifications in fields such as medicine, engineering, teaching and accountancy

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My Life is Art Leadership Course – Kakuma Refugee Camp

Since 2018 Emmanuel Jal and a team of 3 dedicated MLIA leaders have run an annual leadership courses in Kakuma Refugee Camp training young leaders from the age 12 - 20. My Life is Art principles are designed to promote leadership skills and a purpose driven life.

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Windle Trust International Vocational Training

We have recently partnered with Windle Trust International on a vocational training programme in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. So far we have raised £9,000 through the BIG GIVE challenge to support this initiative with the building of an IT facility at the camp.

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My Start Project

Gua Africa took My Start project under its charity umbrella to facilitate creative art programming at Kakuma refugee camp. My Start is an arts project, which tackles the subject of conflict and displacement in a truly unique way; offering high quality creative education to young refugees and delivering exceptional learning resources to students in the UK.

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Teachers In Kakuma

Thanks to the SDL Foundation funding and our partnership with UNHCR, our teacher training program greatly improved the quality of teaching at the Kakuma refugee camp's secondary schools.

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Primary School Construction – Leer, South Sudan

Gua Africa improved the facilities at two local primary schools in Leer (the home-place of our founder Emmanuel Jal). We continued to support the schools with the provision of resources such as books, pencils and teacher’s salaries that ensure schools remain open during times of emergency.

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